After you book the tap trailer, we work with you on your wine and beer needs and refer you to one of our preferred partners who will work with you on your selections and pricing. Tappo is set up to dispense wine or beer in plastic, disposable KeyKegs (so there is no deposit and no need to return your empty kegs), however if you prefer to purchase your beer in stainless steel kegs, we can easily accommodate that too! A 20 liter KeyKeg is equivalent to 135 glasses of wine or 27 bottles.  With our state of the art technology there is no need to use CO₂ or nitrogen tanks  - we have a mini air compressor in our built in to our wine and beer dispensing system which eliminates the need for CO2 when using KeyKegs. Whatever you choose, we've got you covered!

GUARANTEED FRESHNESS There are many benefits of choosing wine on tap, from environmental friendliness to wine quality. With wine on tap, you never have to worry about an open bottle decreasing in quality and losing flavor profiles. Wine in keg stays fresh, from the first glass to last. There is no oxidation, no corkage, no spoilage.


There are over 150 wineries & over 250 premium wine brands available on tap. Below is a list of our preferred retail and wholesale partners who can source the highest quality wine you prefer.


No time wasted pulling corks, recycling bottles or throwing away waste. Simply tap & pour the freshest wines!


Kegs offer a 96% reduction in carbon footprint compared to wine poured from bottles over 20 years. Each keg put into service saves 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime.  


Our partners offer a wide range of high-end to mid-range wines, prosecco, domestic and craft beers.  

Archer Roose, Anne Annie, Carva,  Conti, Two Mountain, Coppola, Old Soul, Lohr, Dry Creek, Storypoint, Broadside,  Yuengling, Angry Orchard, Dogfish Head, Samuel Adams, Great Lakes, New Belgium and so many more!


House Wine makes wine buying fun, simple and easy for any occasion. They focus on education and exploration in a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. With two convenient locations in Worthington and Bexley, owner, Donnie Austin will meet with you one-on-one to help hand select your wine and beer in kegs.  

Brown Distributing, located in Newark Ohio has been a family runned business for over 48 years. They  distribute products to the Central Eastern region of Ohio and cover 12 counties, representing over 20 suppliers, and more than 400 products and packages. With their "unwavering commitment to excellence" you will be in great hands when selecting your beer for your special event. 

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is a wholesale distributor of wine in kegs. They offer an unparalleled selection of world-class wines. Their local team members know there is no substitute for a strong working relationship and will provide you superior service helping you select the perfect wine for your event. You must hold an F-2 permit to be able to purchase at wholesale pricing. 

Sand Hollow Winery is located in a scenic location in Southeast Licking County in the middle of 83 acres. The winery hand-crafts wines made with 100% Old World-style juices from Italy, Chile and the United States. Sand Hollow wines are available in 30 liter KeyKegs and range from full body to sweet, all with a bountiful bouquet and unrivaled New World-style drink-ability. Jim Young, Vintner/Owner has traveled to all fifty states and all seven continents. His travels have come together for some of the best hand-crafted wines made from the best available juices in the world. He is sure to help you select the perfect wines for your special event.